What is MailGun ? How can use MailGun ?

by Virender
December 5, 2014

MailGun is an email automation service provided by Rackspace. Its provide powerful set of APIs for sending, receiving and tracking email easily. With the help of MailGun APIs developers can do email process like sending, receiving and tracking easily . Because email sending, receiving, tracking is very complex process so MailGun APIs save developers time.

For send emails we need SMTP Server or Mail Server. Sometime outbound SMTP is restricted and sometime companies don’t want maintain mail servers. In such type of situations MailGun is good options. 

With the help of MailGun developer just need a call APIs according to requirement and all process done by MailGun APIs.

MailGun support many popular programming languages including C#, Ruby, PHP, Python and Java.

Note: Current Version of API only support sending emails. Future version will support incoming emails, tracking and analytics.



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