What is Ionic Framework? Why Use Ionic Framework for Mobile Application Development ?

by Virender
December 4, 2014

Ionic is open source front-end framework for development of hybrid mobile application in HTML 5.  Ionic provide a rich library of mobile-optimized HTML, CSS, and JS components.

Ionic also support AngularJs and SaSS with the help of AngularJs you can develop rich and robust application easily. Right now Ionic in beta version. Ionic provide rich UI which looks like native mobile components.

Features of Ionic Framework

Good Performance – Speed is very important part in HTML 5 based mobile application development. Ionic use minimal DOM Manipulation and Hardware accelerated transitions.
Ionic use AngularJS – Ionic use AngularJs . AngularJs most famous Java Script framework today.  That’s why Ionic is first choice for rich and robust applications development. AngularJs provide many good features like model, controller, directive, scope etc.

Native Support – Ionic framework also support Cordova and phoneGap native application build. That means you can convert your application installable and native app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc. For that you need to install and configure Cordova and phoneGap and convert your application from HTML 5 to native app.

Rich UI – Ionic framework have very rich UI , it display beautiful on mobile devices. Many mobile application using Ionic day by day. Develop can change theme.

Easy to Learn – Developer who have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java Script can learn Ionic easily. Its easy to use ionic controls with little knowledge.

Good Forum Support –  Ionic improving day by day, framework have good support over official site of ionic framework and StackOverFlow also.

Integrated Work Environment – Many top IDE also supporting Ionic Framework like Visual Studio , WebStrom etc.



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