NoSQL Database Types

by Virender
April 14, 2015

NoSQL Database Types 

Types of NoSQL Database

Key-Value store – Key-value database are designed for storing data in a schema-less way. In these database all data saved in key and a value, key is unique in a database and together with its value. Some key-value database support value type such as Integer.
Examples of this type of database include: Cassandra, DyanmoDB, Azure Table Storage (ATS), Riak, BerkeleyDB.
Column store – These database also known as wide-colum stores. These database are designed to work on large datasets. Column databases are designed for storing data tables as sections of columns of data. Column support very high performance and a highly scalable architecture. For example HBase, BigTable and HyperTable
Document database – Document database also known as semi-strunctured data. In document databases data stores in complex data structure with unique key known as a document. Document database designed for storing, retrieving and managing document-oriented information in very effectively manner.
Document can have different key-value pairs, key-array pairs, and nested documents. In document database unique key is used to retrieve the document from database engine.
Examples include: MongoDB and CouchDB.
Graph database – Graph database work based on graph theory. This database mostly use for store information about networkds like social connections etc. Graph database are designed for data which can easily represent in graph and need to show relations between them easily and effectively.



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