Learn MEAN Stack in 30 Day – MEAN Stack Challenge

by Virender
March 18, 2015

MEAN.Js is a full stack JavaScript solution that help to develop fast , robust  application with the help of JavaScript technologies. If you are good in Java Script and interested to learn client side, server side programming and database, MEAN Stack is for you.

MEAN stack stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js.  MEAN stack is bundle of JavaScript framework which support JavaScript on Server side, Client Side and Database also.  

MongoDB – MongoDB is open source document database. Data save in JSON format.

Express.js – Express is a Node.js web application framework, designed for building single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web applications using Nodejs.

Angular.js – Angularjs is a MVVM framework use for extends HTML. Angularjs is perfect choice for Single Page application.

Node.js – Node.js is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment for server-side applications development in JavaScript.  Node.js platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. You can write server side application in JavaScript using Node.js.


MEAN Documentation   MEAN.JS Documentation.
List of videoshttp://www.bossable.com/category/mean-stack-challenge/

These are links of 30 days MEAN Stack Challenge.

Getting started with the MEAN stack
The 30 Day MEAN Stack Honolulu Challenge

Day 1 – MEAN Stack – Exploring the key folders and files
Day 2 – MEAN Stack – Intro to Bootstrap
Day 3 – MEAN Stack – Style the Homepage
Day 4 – MEAN Stack – Hello Angular
Day 5 – MEAN Stack – Login with Facebook
Day 6 – MEAN Stack – Bootstrap the Login Page
Day 7 – MEAN Stack – Style the Login Page
Day 8 – MEAN Stack – Style the Sign-up Page
Day 9 – MEAN Stack – Yo, make a Customer Module
Day 10 – MEAN Stack – Modelling with Mongoose
Day 11 -MEAN Stack – Client & Server Glue
Day 12 -MEAN Stack – Bootstrap the Create Customer Page
Day 13 -MEAN Stack – Style the Create Customer Page
Day 14 -MEAN Stack – Mongo Explorer & AngularJS Batarang
Day 15 -MEAN Stack – MongoDB Queries & AngularJS Scope
Day 16 -MEAN Stack – AngularJS Scope & Controllers
Day 17 – MEAN Stack – Listing Customers with AngularJS & Bootstrap
Day 18 – MEAN Stack – Customer Search using AngularJS Filters
Day 19 -MEAN Stack – Using an Angular UI Modal to Update Customers
Day 20 -MEAN Stack – Pass Customer Details to an Angular UI Modal
Day 21 -MEAN Stack – Styling our Angular UI Customer Update Modal
Day 22 -MEAN Stack – Save data with an AngularJS Modal
Day 23 -MEAN Stack – Modal Styling & AngularJS Form Validation
Day 24 -MEAN Stack – Custom tags with AngularJS directives
Day 25 -MEAN Stack – Create Customer AngularJS Modal
Day 26 -MEAN Stack – Style our AngularJS Create Modal & Delete Customers
Day 27 -MEAN Stack – AngularJS Notification Service
Day 28 -MEAN Stack – Answering Q’s with CSS & AngularJS directives
Day 29 -MEAN Stack – Express.js & Client-side Assets
Day 30 -MEAN Stack – Lets deploy our App!
Day 30(i) -MEAN Stack – Deploy to Heroku



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