Ionic 1.2 Launched

by Virender
December 11, 2015

On 10th December 2015 Ionic team launched soft release of Ionic 1.2. In this release they fixed over 100 bugs and add some new features.

Following are feature which added to Ionic 1.2 Version.

1. Native Scrolling –  Ionic 1.2 support native scrolling on all platforms.
2. New Slide Box – New Slide Box based on the amazing Swiper widget.
3. Windows 10 – Ionic 1.2 supports Windows 10 and Edge
4. Mobile Web – Ionic 1.2 supports both the app store and the mobile web.
5. Form Inputs – Ionic 1.2  we no longer support using <label>. Now <label> is moved to <ion-input>.
6. Radio and Checkbox – Ionic 1.2 will not support for the raw HTML and CSS versions of Radio and Checkbox. You must use the directives.
7. Cordova Help – Debug the case where device ready does not fire
8. Ionic View – new release for sometime in the next few weeks for both Android and iOS.
9. WKWebView – new Web View comes with a beefier javascript engine and more modern Web API support.

Learn more about Ionic 1.2 here  –

Source Code –



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