Difference between BasicHttpBinding VS WSHttpBinding

by Virender
August 21, 2015

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) – is a framework to design service-oriented applications. WCF support wide range of protocol and its combination of Web Service, Remoting, MSMQ and COM+ . WCF support different types of binding  and every binding have different features.

Here we showing difference between BasicHttpBinding or WsHttpBinding.

Security support
BasicHttpBinding designed to support the old .ASMX style of working. Its support WS-Basic Profile 1.1 Security.

WsHttpBinding designed for high level of security. it support WS-* specifications , which includes WS-Addressing and WS-Security etc.

You can use sessionful connections also.

Very light weight because security is disabled by default.
Heavier then BasicHttpBinding  due to high level of security.
It Not Support Transactions.
It support Transaction.
Its compatible with almost every SOAP Client,  designed for.
As it is built using WS-* specifications , it cannot consumed by older .NET versions less than 3 version.
Its design for high level of Interoperability.
It support WS-* specifications that way not support more Interoperability with old clients.
SOAP Version
It supports SOAP 1.1 version.
It supports SOAP 1.2 version.
Reliable Messaging
Reliable Messaging Not supported by BasicHttpBinding.
If we send two request same time , we don’t know which request come first.
Supported  Reliable Messaging.
Default Security Options
Communication possible in plain text, By default there is no security provided. 

Communication cannot be possible in plain text because its work on WS-Security enabled by default.
Transport/ Messaging Security
Transport level security possible by SSL.
WsHttpBinding support Transport and Messaging Level security.
Security Options
Windows – default authentication
Transport with message credentials

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