Announcing Ionic Framework 2 Beta

by Virender
February 11, 2016

Ionic team announced Ionic 2 Beta its powered by Angular 2. Ionic 2 inherited all features of Angular 2 like performance boosts, especially to mobile, TypeScript support and component design.

Angular 2 brings a simpler, more standard way of building Javascript apps.

Top feature of Ionic 2

  • TypeScript support – You can use Typescript in ionic 2 its major benefit for large apps and teams.
  • ES6 Support– Ionic 2 support ES6 its next version of standardized JavaScript.
  • Animation System – Completely revised, customizable, and highly performant animation system.
  • Ionic Native – A thin wrapper for Cordova plugins, so you can easily import and wire up native functionality.
  • Performance boosts –  Ionic 2 is based on Angular 2 , its faster then Ionic 1.
  • Easy Navigation – Navigation in Ionic 2 is easier, more powerful, and much more flexible.
  • Side Menu Improvements –  Support many menus and reference a menu from anywhere.
  • Platform Theming and Continuity – Platform Continuity, now developers to be able to write once, deploy everywhere 
  • Material Design Support – Ionic 2 support material design.
  • Theming – Developer can change one variable and override the style on all platforms. 
  • Ionicons 3.0– Ionicons 3.0 is now live and there are now over 900 icons. Ionic will automatically show the appropriate icon, depending on the platform. 
  • Build Tools – Ionic 2 starters come preconfigured and ready to go with the Ionic CLI.

Learn more about Ionic Framework 2 Beta

Ionic 2 Document

Ionic 2 Components



Ionic 2 Beta



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