Announcing Ionic Analytics Alpha!

by Virender
June 19, 2015

Ionic Team launched Ionic Analytics, which gives you all the data you need to better understand and optimize your push notifications, deployments, and much, much more.

Analytics informs you with real data on how your users interact with your app, letting you plan your app’s future, learn from its past, and ultimately optimize its success.

Why Analytics Important

 Analytics are use for identify unique patterns in behavior and adjust your app accordingly.  On  the base of user’s real  data it take decisions.   
Ionic Analytics 

Ionic Analytics provides a core analytics suite, with batteries included. There’s no need for additional configuration.

Ionic Analytics lets you decide what data you send. With the $ionicAnalytics API, you can send the events and associated data that are relevant to your app.  

With Ionic you’ll be able to answer questions like:

How many people log into my app every day?

How many of those continue to use my app after a week? A month? A year?

With which parts of my app are users interacting the most?

What are users doing right now in my app?

So, go ahead and sign up to test the alpha of Ionic Analytics for free, today!



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