Angular Js Interview Questions

by Virender
November 17, 2014

What is Angular.js?

AngularJS is a javascript based MVVM framework . It used for creating SPA (single page application).  It allows us to extend HTML syntax and provide a feature to use HTML as templating system. 

Explain what are the key features of Angular.js ?

The key features of angular.js are

Data Binding

What are the advantages of using Angular.js framework ?

Angular Support two way data-binding
Its support MVVM pattern
Angular Support template
Can create own tags with the help of Directive
Its fully Supports REST full services
Dependency injection support
Applying Animations
Event Handlers
Its Extensible and can integrate with other framework with more changes
Its work in Declarative way , no more DOM manipulation which improve performance
Have powerful Unit Testing Framework for AngularJs Application.

Angularjs is a library or framework
Angularjs is a client side framework. Because Anguarjs is fully support on client-side and its not depend on other library. AngualrJs only use Jqlite for communication with server. Its support on mobile browsers also.

Is AngularJs support templating engine?Yes, AngularJs support templating system , We can use ng-include directive for templating system. Angularjs support DOM based templating system.

How Angularjs handle Security ?
Angularjs handle security automatically

  • HTML Injection
  • CSS (Cross-site-Scripting)
  • XSRF protection for server side communication
  • Basic Authentication 
  • Basic Authorization

Angularjs support other library ?
Yes, We can use other js library with Angularjs.

Can we use AngularJs without Jquery ?

Yes, Angularjs framework use jqlite instead of jquery. jqlite have enough feature to work for Angularjs.

But for DOM manipulation we need Jquery, AngularJs Directive use jquery for DOM manipulation.

Who created Angular JS ?

AngularJs develped by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. Now it is being developed by Google.

Array is a Objects in AngularJs ?

AngularJs depend upon Jquery ?
No, Its depend upon jqLite

What is scope in Angular.js
Scope is glue between application controller and the view. Its model in AngularJs application.



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