Angular 2 Beta Release

by Virender
December 16, 2015

On 15th December 2015 Angular team released Angular 2.0.0-beta. version. Angular 2 framework is designed for building mobile and web apps in HTML and JavaScript.

Angular 2 first announced on September 2014. After Angular 2.0.0-alpha.55 Angular Team released ‘Beta’ Version.

What is mean of ‘Beta’ Version. Beta version means that Angular 2 framework is ready to build large application. Google also using Angular 2 to develop several large projects like AdWords, GreenTea (Google’s internal CRM system), and Google Fiber.

Angular 2 focus not only building web application its also design to deliver robust, high performance mobile application for Android, iOS, Windows etc. Many mobile application teams including Ionic Framework on Ionic 2, Telerik on NativeScript and many others working closely with Angular 2 to design an Angular 2 based robust mobile application framework.

Angular 2 mainly focused on speed . Angular 2 renders pages up to eight time faster then Angular 1.

Angular 2 improving day by day Change Log can be view here

Angular 2 support TypeScript and ES5 . TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript which is developed by Microsoft.  Angular team recently launched the Angular CLI project to help into a command line tool.

Learn more about Angular 2 here –


Angular 2

Angular 2 beta



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