Algorithmia – An Open Marketplace For Algorithms

by Virender
March 14, 2015

Algorithmia, a Seattle-based startup providing marketplace for algorithms, has raised $2.4 million in a round of seed funding led by Madrona Venture Group.

The company wants to make it easy for computer researchers to take algorithms that would ordinarily stay locked up in academic papers and monetize them
Algorithmia providing a platform for algorithms developers to turn their algorithms into web services on the Algorithmia cluster and monetize them. Algorithmia‘s platform provide algorithms as a services. 

Algorithmia hosts the web services, makes them discoverable and enables algorithm developers to get paid for usage by user. On other side Application developers who want consume the algorithm into their own applications can use hosted algorithms as a services in easily with few lines of code.

More than 800 algorithms are available on the marketplace. A software developer can chooses an algorithm, accesses it via Algorithmia’s application programming interface (API) by paying a small fee.

Algorithmia is cheaper alternative for a company who want integrate ready to use algorithms without developing in house, especially for startups, or mid-sized company, developers who don’t have time to develop. 

Right now, Algorithmia is in beta version, company plans to open its doors to a broader audience by the end of the year.

Learn more about Algorithmia –



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