MongoDB 3.2.0 Released

MongoDB released "MongoDB 3.2.0-rc0" the first 3.2 release candidate.

Main features of this release

1. WiredTiger the default storage engine - MongoDB uses the WiredTiger as the default storage engine. But you can change default storage engine.
For change storage engine, run following command into command line

mongod --storageEngine mmapv1

Another options to change default storage engine is use configuration file, using the storage.engine setting:     

   engine: mmapv1

You can learn more about storage engine here -

2. Replication Election Enhancements - MongoDB reduces replica set failover time and accelerates the detection of multiple simultaneous primaries.

3. Sharded Cluster Enhancements - MongoDB 3.2 deprecates the use of three mirrored Mongodb instances for config servers.

4. Partial Indexes - MongoDB 3.2 provides the option to create indexes that only index the documents in a collection that meet a specified filter expression. By indexing a subset of the documents in a collection, partial indexes have lower storage requirements and reduced performance costs for index creation and maintenance.

5. Document Validation - Starting in 3.2, MongoDB provides the capability to validate documents during updates and insertions. Validation rules are specified on a per-collection basis. MongoDB provides the following new options:

validator - option to specify validation rules.

validationLevel - option to determine how strictly MongoDB applies the validation rules to existing documents during an update.

validationAction - option to determine whether to error and reject documents that violate the validation rules, or warn about the violations in the log but allow invalid documents.

6. MongoDB Tools Enhancements - Mongodump and Mongorestore Support Archive Files and stdout/in

You can read development release note for 3.2.0 here

You can download this release here

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