System Requirement for MongoDB.

MongoDB runs on most platforms and supports 64-bit architecture for production use and both 64-bit and 32-bit architectures for testing.

Recommended Operating Systems for Production Deployments

MongoDBMongoDB Enterprise
Amazon Linuxsupportedsupported
Debian 7.1supportedsupported
RedHat / CentOS 6.2+supportedsupported
SUSE 11supportedsupported
Ubuntu LTS 12.04supportedsupported
Ubuntu LTS 14.04supportedsupported
Windows Server 2012 & 2012 R2supportedsupported

Other Supported Operating Systems

MongoDBMongoDB Enterprise
Mac OSX 10.6+supported
RedHat / CentOS 5.5+supported
RedHat / CentOS 5.7+supportedsupported
RedHat / CentOS 7.0+supportedsupported
Solaris 11 / SunOS 5.11 on x86supported
Windows Server 2008 R2supportedsupported

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